Organized Momma

Good Evening ya’ll! I hope that everyone who read my first post about my birth story was inspired by it in some way!! That’s what I am here for; to inspire and help women use their own voice! Now that you know more about how my foundation started with all of this, I wanted to post something a bit less traumatic and a bit more dramatic!! However, dramatic in a way of life changing.. In a good way 🙂

Being an ORGANIZED Momma!!

Of course we all try to be organized, but it never seems to stay that way, am I right!?

So today I wanted to go over some things that I’ve learned so far on my mommy journey about organization.

DECLUTTER. I know what your thinking, I can’t possibly get rid of the 357 new born clothes that she no longer fits into!! Well, I’m here to tell you momma, you can. It is easier said than done. Trust me, I know. I wasn’t a declutter queen until after Teagynn was born. When she started to grow out of her preemie clothes, I kept them all. I even went out and bought a huge tub to store them in. For what?!? So that our next baby could have something to wear? We aren’t even sure when we will have another child AND we aren’t even sure if that child is going to be a GIRL. The tub was filling up with precious clothes and most of them had only been used once because we literally had that many clothes. I decided this just wasn’t working for me! We live in a small two bedroom duplex with hardly any storage room and there are just too many babies out there RIGHT NOW that need good quality clothes. So I kept a select few for keepsake and donated the rest of them. My mother-in-law takes my baby items every couple of months to a women’s shelter that has actually been in need of baby items. Other than a small handful of baby items from right after she was born, I have not kept anything else. I also donate all of her toys to various different places as she grows out of them. Don’t get me wrong, we are VERY appreciative of all the toys, clothes, and any other gift she may receive and I try my hardest to get good use out of each item she receives. However, once the item is no longer being used or wanted, I definitely don’t hesitate to put it in our donation basket and send it off to someone else who could really put it to good use. This is literally the biggest one on my list today. Decluttering seriously helps with staying organized. There is no reason to keep items in your home if they are no longer being loved on. Give the item to another baby in need who will continue to use and love that item just as much as your baby once did.

CLOTHES. They are a hassle, I KNOW, but they don’t have to be. When Teagynn was born, she had piles and piles of clothes. There were always at least two huge piles in the kitchen waiting to be washed, her closet was FULL of clothes that were hung up, her drawers were spilling out with clothes, and she also had a huge tub of clothes that were bigger sizes. It was so overwhelming. I was extremely blessed and am so thankful for all the clothes we received for this child. I’m just not going to lie though, I didn’t really know what to do with all of them. So I told myself, we weren’t going to buy her any clothes until she absolutely needed them, all the rest will be donated when she can no longer fit into them. See what I mean when I say decluttering is a must!? Now we are at a point where her clothes aren’t a hassle anymore. She has ONE drawer that holds all of her folded clothes, and I only need a fourth of her closet for clothes to be hung up. I do not buy her new clothes unless I know that we absolutely need something new. I’m not neglecting my child’s need for clothes, trust me, she has plenty of them. I’m just not buying excessive amounts of them.

EVERYTHING MUST HAVE A HOME. It’s easier to stay organized if everything in your house has a HOME. A very specific place for everything. This drives my husband bonkers, but hey, it helps me stay on track! So all those ribbons and bows must have a specific place to be. Whether they are placed in a jar on display, in a container in the bathroom, or in a box on a shelf in the baby’s’ room. They must have a home. All the toy trucks your child has laying around the house, those too need a home. Like I said, whether they are placed on a shelf for display, in a basket to play with later, or tucked away in a toy box; whatever makes your life easier. This shouldn’t just apply to baby items, it should also apply to everything in your house. Remember, this is all to make your days go smoother.

SCHEDULE. I can’t stress this enough. A schedule while you are a momma is super duper important. I know this may seem a bit obvious, but hear me out. I just wanted to go with the flow when Teagynn was born. Which was fine for the first week or two, however the whole “going with the flow” thing lasted 6 MONTHS before I started a sleep schedule. Even longer to have a full day schedule. Now, everyday isn’t the same ol’ thing, but I do try to stick to a fairly good schedule each day. Weekends are totally negotiable! Just throwing that out there! Teagynn (and most children- so I’ve heard from other mommas) works best on somewhat of a schedule each day. A good start for us was getting Teagynn on a good sleep schedule. Her naps are a bit off and always will be due to our work schedule, however she still goes down for a nap almost every day around 2pm-3pm. She will sleep anywhere from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours. I try really hard to never let her sleep past 5. The only times I allow that is if we were really busy and she didn’t go down for a nap till pretty late and ONLY if I am willing to let her stay up a bit past her bed time. If she sleeps past 5pm then it is harder to get her to go to sleep at her bed time. BED TIME is at 8PM! Again, weekends are definitely negotiable. I strive for 8pm on weekends as well, however, if we are out having a good time as a family, I’m not going to stop everything we are doing just to get home for bed. That only happens if we notice she actually really needs to get some sleep. On week days, bed time will always be 8pm. She isn’t and has never really been the kind of person to take 2 naps during the day. I tried, I truly did, but it was too much sleep for her and it also didn’t work well with our work schedule. She sleeps 12 PLUS hours each night. So there is absolutely no need for two naps. That is how we started a semi schedule. Now our schedule is a bit more defined. We have a certain time we wake up on weekdays and each day is planned out already. She knows where we are going each day during the week days. She has breakfast, lunch, and dinner at around the same time each day- give or take an hour or so. We get home around the same time each day. She also has the same bed time routine EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It’s the days when we stay home all day, the days when we don’t change out of our pajamas, and the days when we stay out longer than normal that she starts to not act herself. THAT is why a schedule is so important!!

USE A PLANNER. My planner is my life. I wasn’t always like this, though. I would buy a planner and only use it on my busier weeks. NOT ANYMORE. My planner is my second baby!! For those of you thinking, I can’t invest in a good mommy planner right now!! My planner cost less than EIGHT DOLLARS. I don’t need anything expensive. I DONT WANT anything expensive. I needed something I could scribble in, spill something on, throw in my bag, throw in my car, and attach a pen to. I don’t need anything fancy. Let’s be honest here, I am not someone that does well with expensive things. Find a planner that works for you. If you are someone that makes too many lists (like myself), then get a planner that you feel most comfortable writing lists in or maybe you are the kind of person that needs your days blocked off into sections, there are even planners for that. Whatever works for your specific needs. I use my planner for lists of things I need to do through out each day. Actually, I use it for everything. Things to get done, appointments, sex & ovulation, my blogging schedule, cleaning, even my bills and monthly budget. All of that and MORE goes into my little $8 planner. Using a planner has done wonders to my sanity. Whether it’s days when I’m crazy busy or days when I don’t have much to do at all, using a planner to get through the day makes me feel like I’m on top of things.

THE LITTLE THINGS COUNT. Don’t let the little things slip through your fingers as if they don’t count too. I’m talking about the dishes and making your bed. Stuff like that. Well, more specifically those two things. I strive to make sure the dishes are done each night before bed and that I make my bed each day. It doesn’t always happen that way, but I do try. Those are the two things that always make me feel more productive, clean, and organized! Figure out a couple of things that you could do more of that make you feel better about your day. I promise you, it is the difference between feeling like your day is going smooth or bumpy.

WAKE UP EARLY. The LAST tip for you!! I can’t tell you how many times I heard this before I actually did it. Why did I wait so long to start doing this!? I am not a morning person at all. Well, I wasn’t a morning person. 2018 rolled around and I made a resolution that I have never made before. Instead of saying I was going to lose so many pounds before the year was up (and never making it to my goal weight before the end of the year) I decided to do something that was more accomplishable for me. WAKING UP EARLY. I have heard so many mommas say that waking up at least an hour before your children would set you up for a better day. I sort of went above and beyond, if you will. I started to wake up around 5:30 AM! Crazy, right? This is coming from a mom that used to sleep in way too late into the day and stay up way too late into the night. When I say I wasn’t a morning person, I WAS NOT A MORNING PERSON. I practically didn’t know “morning” existed. Now days I love being up early in the morning. I have time to get things done before I have a toddler running around needing my full attention. I may wake up two hours before the sun does, but hey, I get to wake up at my own pace. I can binge watch Netflix and get ready at my own pace, I can get chores done at a quicker pace, and I can eat breakfast in peace!! All the mommas that said waking up early sets you up for a great day, were NOT lying. It really does.

I hope these tips help you in this new year to be more organized, happier, and to be a better you!

Come back NEXT WEDNESDAY! I’ll be posting interesting details over the rules of pregnancy and labor!

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