Pregnancy, labor, & delivery rules

I was doing a small bit of research on rules over these particular topics before I decided to start writing this morning. Just to see if there was anything out there that was similar to what I wanted to say, but what I found in the 20 minute search was “straight to the point” rules over strict diets and step by step rules over what you must do in the hospital during your labor and delivery time.

What fun is that?

I can’t help but think, where is there room for your own rules?

Don’t worry, girl, I gotcha!

Pregnancy Rules;

When you go to the hospital the first time after getting a beautiful positive on that pregnancy test of yours, you will be overwhelmed with the list of rules they give you.

Do this, don’t do that.

Eat this, don’t eat that.

Feel this way, don’t feel that way.

I feel your pain. It is overwhelming in the beginning, but this is where your FIRST “self” rule comes into play. You know yourself better than anyone else does. You are the only one that knows exactly how you feel. So add that to the beginning of your long list and just listen to your body- through out the whole pregnancy.

There will be strict diet rules, but those rules mean absolutely nothing in the middle of the night when the only thing that will make you happy is a large fry and a greasy cheeseburger. Don’t let anyone tell you that those feelings are “unnatural” and don’t you dare let anyone tell you that you can’t have it. You deserve to indulge in those wonderful pregnancy cravings at least a handful of times during the NINE MONTHS that you are growing a human being.

I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my daughter and at first it made me so miserable. I had to have an entire meeting on all the things I was and wasn’t allowed to eat during the entire pregnancy. Eat this, not that. I was also told that it would make me depressed and that I shouldn’t feel that way. Again, feel this way, don’t feel that way. I stuck to the diet they put me on for one, maybe two weeks, before I was sick of it. I was hungry all the time, I wasn’t satisfied in the least, and my blood sugar levels were ALL out of wack. I felt like I was failing my body AND my baby. So I decided to do the unthinkable and listen to my body. I ate food that made me feel good and I also ate until I was full. In turn, my blood sugars were pretty dang good after that. I practically blew my doctors mind.

See, listen to your body. Trust me, you know yourself better than you think you do. Of course I’m not saying go out there and fill up on fish and coffee, don’t stuff your face with cold deli meat, and for the love of everything grand, DO NOT drink alcohol, but I am saying listen to yourself. Your body is working hard for you, the least you can do is listen to it.

Labor Rules;

There are more rules for this category than I would like to admit. Depending on where you are laboring at, the rules will vary.

Not to worry though, I have the perfect little slither of advice for you!

Only do as much as you are comfortable with. 

There is a whole lot going on during this time. Don’t push your limits on this one. Trust your body, I promise you, it knows what it’s doing. Give yourself time to relax, enjoy the little moments you can, and BREATHE! That is literally it.

Depending on where you are giving birth at, there may be someone who is pushing you to do things you are uncomfortable doing. Now, it may be something as simple as wearing the heart monitors over your belly or something a bit more intense like, turning in multiple positions that may hurt to do so at the time.
Listen to yourself. Use your own voice. Express how you actually feel during this time.

Delivery Rules;

This one can be a bit tricky, but don’t let other womens horror stories scare you, instead let them inspire you!!

Remember, you’ve got this! You are a strong woman and even though you may not believe it; you CAN do this!

Your baby will make his/her grand entrance in due time, all you need to do is ease through each contraction and your body will tell you when it is time.

There may or may not be others trying to intervene during this process, but all you need to do is…. yup! You guessed it! Listen to your body!!

TIP: There was a woman that told me once that each contraction is slowly but surely pushing the baby out. I never thought of it like that, to be honest. So, maybe this little tid bit of advice will get you through your delivery as well.

At the end of the day, just know that this is you we are talking about. This is YOUR body and YOUR baby. You can do anything you put your mind to. So get in tune with yourself, your body, and most importantly, your baby! The rest will work itself out!

Now, go out there and be a fabulous momma!! I’ll see you next Wednesday! 🙂

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