Be Your Baby’s Voice

You may or may not know that when my daughter, Teagynn, was born, she was sent to the nicu just hours after her birth. Her blood sugars were way too low, nearing the point of brain damage if she didn’t get immediate medical attention. While she was in the nicu, she developed some kind of condition where the lining of her stomach was swollen which caused her to projectile vomit any milk she took in. This didn’t help her blood sugars.

My husband and I spent an entire week with nurses shoving sugar water down her throat to keep her quiet. We spent an entire week fighting doctors to tell us what was going on. We spent an ENTIRE week trying to prove to the nurses that we are fully capable of being parents, much less proving it to ourselves.

When I was at my wits end, my older sister told me that I have to be Teagynns voice. She is a baby that doesn’t yet have her own voice, so I need to be her voice. My sister knows all too well what it’s like to have an ill child in the nicu, so I trusted her advice on this.

One night while in the nicu, a nurse didn’t want me to hold my child. We had been dealing with this for days at this point. Most nurses had it written all over their faces that they didn’t trust us with our own baby. We may have been new parents with a sick child, but we were definitely not going to harm her in any way. This particular night, I had enough of it all. I was tired of being pushed away from taking care of my own child. So when this particular nurse wasn’t taking care of my child the way I felt she should have been and she wouldn’t allow me to hold my own baby when it was specifically a scheduled time for me to hold her, I was done. I knew it was time to be my childs voice.

Before Teagynn, I kept quiet about most things. I didn’t have a back bone to save my own life. I normally wanted Ethan to speak for me in situations like this, but this time, Momma wasn’t having it any more! I stood up, told the nurse it WAS my time to hold her and I AM going to love on her. I also told her that I wanted to speak to a doctor right then and there! I said I would wait all night if that’s what it took to talk to Teagynns doctor. She argued with me for a second and when she realized I wasn’t going to back down like I did before, she called a doctor. I made the doctor tell me exactly what was going on and when I noticed she didn’t know every last detail I made her call for another doctor that did know!

I didn’t back down because if I didn’t know what was going on with our baby then how could I ever be a voice for her?

I’m her mother, I know what she needs, so I am her voice for the time being.

She will never go unheard as long as I’m living.

I wanted to write this post, because I wanted you to be aware of this. I feel it is so important to be your childs voice. Yes, in time they will have their own voice, but while they are still so young, they need you to speak for them. They need a back bone and you are the only one that can be that for them.

So take the advice and be the best dang voice your child could have;

aside from their own. ❤

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