Waco Birth Center & Clinic

I am actually really excited that I was given permission to be able to write about my experience with this particular birth center.

On Tuesday, January 30th, I went to Waco Birth Center for a business meeting with them and was absolutely blown away!

Let’s just say, I had never had a meeting with complete strangers; yet felt SO at home.

I met Sheila and her mother, Brenda (who is also the midwife!). Sheila immediately took me on a tour of the house they established their birth center in and the entire tour I was just in awe of it all! Sheila told me some history of the house that just amazed me! The house is absolutely beautiful and they have each room decorated with gorgeous chic furniture. The whole house looks and feels cozy. They really have outdone themselves with this house! Such a fabulous job!

I quickly realized that this was a family owned business, which made the whole experience even better. Every new person I met that day was all from the same family. I just loved it! They all made me feel right at home and they didn’t exactly have to, because I was only there for a business meeting. Yet, the whole time I felt as if I had known these women for years!

Brenda and Sheila both told me their story of how their journey began and some stories of the past year with their experiences with owning the Waco Birth Center & Clinic and again I was just blown away. All the birth experiences they shared in our meeting was so foreign to me. I had never experienced anything like what they were saying. It all sounded so beautiful and exactly how giving birth should be!

I just kept thinking the more I learn about this family and company the better it gets. It’s almost too good to be true, but it is TRUE!

The meeting was to figure out what they wanted me to write for them. I wasn’t really expecting much, maybe a simple topic or two, but no, they had so many fun ideas! These women TRULY have a passion for what they do for their community and I am truly blessed to even be a small part of it all.

Brenda and her family work hard to make sure each woman that comes into their birth center to give birth, leaves with a beautiful experience and birth story. The passion and love they have for helping women give birth truly shows every single time they talk about it.

More communities need passionate midwives, doulas, just women in general like this. Someone to empower other women and not only tell them, but show them that anything can be done.

We are in the process of re-doing their website as well as adding a blog section to it! The ideas they have for me to write are just amazing. You will be getting stories over their personal journey, important information about labor and birth, all the way to reading both sides of a story during ACTUAL births!

Once their new website and blog is up, I WILL inform you so that you can be a part of it with us! ❤

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