What I Do.

I’ve had some questions lately over what I do in my business and so I thought it would be a good idea to write about it!!

The quick answer is that I write for birth professionals (Midwives, Doulas, Birth Centers). I put up web content, blogs, and also market for their company.

But, I’m realizing that the answer to that needs to have more detail to really understand what I do.

The first step that I do is let birth professionals know that my business exists, because some don’t even know there are companies out there that do what I do. It’s quite easy, I just send a personal email to the company and talk to the owner. Sometimes they are interested and sometimes they aren’t. I don’t spam and I don’t urge someone to be my client. I simply just let them know about my company. I also do my research exhaustively over the company that I’m contacting, because what is the point in contacting them if I don’t even know if this would be a company I can or want to write for? I just choose to never go into anything blindly.

Once a birth professional decides they want to be my client then they have up to 3 things they can choose from.

Web Content / Social Media / Blogging

Web content is where I will either write/rewrite their website or keep it updated. I do not build or set up their domain/website. I just write it.

Social Media is where I post on their social media (Facebook, Instagram… etc.) daily during the weekdays to keep marketing their company. This could be anything from fun facts about their business all the way to promoting classes they may have at their place of business. I talk with the client first to get an idea of what they are wanting posted, then I work my way down a list of how to promote their business that is best suited for their community.

Blogging is a personal favorite of mine. This is where I talk with the client to get some ideas/topics of things they would like their community to know. The topics clients come up with are endless and are actually really fun to write about! Surprisingly enough, the client usually has plenty of ideas of their own and I will go off that list. They give me a topic and I will do research over it and post it after the client has looked it over and is satisfied with my work.

I work side by side with each client; I am not their employee and vise versa. However, I do my best to work with my clients and make sure I am putting out content that they are satisfied with.

The thing is, my clients usually don’t have the time to put out content like blogs or even market further than what they are already doing and that’s where I come in. I just put my writing skills into action and do what they were already wanting to do in the first place.

I hope this helped answer some of your questions!

Have a sweet Valentines Day! ❤

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