Why I Started?

I briefly mentioned on my website about why I started my business. However, it’s not a full story. So TODAY I’m giving the low down on it all!

As you already know from reading my blogs, I had a tough labor & birth. It may or may not have been necessary at the time, either way, it left me feeling emotionally hurt over my experience.

I wrote about it on my personal blog for a while to just let other women know they aren’t alone if they are feeling the same way about their birth experience. I also wanted to show people that IT IS okay AND allowed to have those hurt feelings.

I started to gain a huge passion for writing about stuff like this. I wanted to empower women the best I could. Not a lot of women talk about any negative feelings they may have towards their birth experience and it left me feeling a bit alone in the beginning. I wanted to make any difference I could, even if it meant I only helped ONE woman feel less lonely over their experience and feelings.

After a while of writing on my blog, family and friends started to encourage me to make this a career. At first I thought it sounded silly, but as I did more research the idea seemed interesting. I figured out that my niche could be in maternity and birth. I could write for birth professionals like Doulas and Midwives. I realized THIS could be how I truly empower women.

Giving birth takes a ton of work both physically and mentally! So I wanted to start encouraging women to give birth how THEY want to. That’s when I started working with birth professionals in all the different ways you CAN give birth!!

If I can help empower even ONE woman give birth the way SHE wants to and help her have a fantastic birth experience just by my writing, than I made a good enough of a difference!

Be strong ladies and know that you are NOT alone in this world!! ❤️❤️

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