My ultimate goal.

When I first started blogging, it was nothing more than just wanting to let other women know what really goes down during pregnancy. I wanted to inform women in a personal way about all the odd things that no one dares to talk about during their pregnancy. So there was no doubt in my mind that I would bring that into my business.

There really are so many things that happen during pregnancy, labor, and giving birth that no one talks about which means other women may not know about it until they decide to have a baby. It’s sad actually, that talking about these things are almost a bad thing. It really shouldn’t be, though. I mean honestly, you would be helping other women out! That is basically my ultimate goal in a nutshell.

I want to encourage other women to give birth how they want to. I am not shy to tell other women that most of the time it can be your choice! That is what this company is all about. Spreading the word with different birth professionals about all the different ways you CAN give birth! I want mothers and expecting mothers to know that you DO have a choice. You have the right to speak up and let people know how you would prefer things done and you have the right to be confident in your choice. I also want women to know that you are not alone. Sometimes motherhood can be very lonely, in any stage you are in. Whether it’s being pregnant, the way you had to give birth, or just parenting in general. It can start to make you feel lonely, but you aren’t alone.

That is why I write. I write till there is nothing left of me, so that when there is a woman looking for advice online, she might come across my blogs and will feel less lonely, less weird, less concerned because she read a post from me that is completely full of raw truth. I put all of that into not only my personal blog, but also my business.

I work with amazing birth professionals that encourage the same things I do. I work in a birthing community that is full of truth, full of encouragement, and wants nothing more than for you to have the birth experience you have always wanted.

I want nothing more from my business than to encourage women and help them feel confident in their choices with how they give birth. It may sound silly to some, but it is a huge deal to most of us.

Not only do I want to spread the word on this, I also I want to be myself while doing it. I wasn’t sure at first, when I was was planning this company out, how personal I wanted to get. I didn’t know just how professional I wanted to be, but then I realized something early on, if I act like someone I’m not, then no one is going to know the real me. I can be professional, if you will, but I’m also super down to earth and would rather be comfortable and confident than worry about what level of professional I should be.

So I decided to be more like Elle Woods. I’m not even joking right now.

I know she is just a character, but she is confident, girly, and stays so true to herself. That is exactly what I decided to do when I started this company. I told my friend the other day that “I’m going to be the business woman that uses pink paper and sprays perfume on it”, simply because it makes me feel good!

I don’t mind being personal and original in my company. It’s just who I am. I’m the one that gets up before the sun and puts in the time and hard work to write blogs, to post on social media, and to put up web content for my clients. I should be able to be myself. If I wasn’t myself in this job, I would probably go insane and honestly all of the people I’ve met since I started all of this are the same exact way. They do things in their very own personal way. Which makes me glad because it makes my job so much more enjoyable.

Last week I was researching a guy that quickly became a huge inspiration to me. He is a doula, a lactation consultant, and on top of being a professional speaker he also teaches a class to dads about all kinds of things! When I was doing some research on him I realized that he is completely himself. He is so funny and doesn’t mind everyone seeing that side of him. Instead of being a robot, he decides to be his humorous self and I just love it!

Which brings me to the end of this blog. I don’t want to be anybody else except myself in this company. I am the face of this business and I want people to see who I really am. I want to speak up and let other women know that it is okay to be confident and have a choice in your birth experience. I’m just doing it in my very own personal way!

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