Intimate Stimulation

Today we are talking about sexual stimulation during labor in the hopes that it broadens your mind on different ways to cope with pain during labor.

As we all know I am a huge advocate for giving birth in any way that makes you comfortable, so this post is not to pressure you into doing anything that is too far out of your comfort zone. It is simply to help you gain knowledge and understand why women choose this option when sifting through their options of pain relief.

Keep your mind open.

Sexual stimulation during labor, is doing anything sexually that stimulates your body well enough to release oxytocin. Simple enough, right? Your body needs oxytocin in order to get through labor and actually birth your child. When you are having intense contractions, your adrenaline continuously builds the entire time you are laboring and eventually it’ll cause your body to release less and less oxytocin. Having too little oxytocin could stall your labor.

There is also a significant difference from Pitocin and Oxytocin. Pitocin, which is a medicine that is given to speed up labor in hospital births, only mimics oxytocin. It actually causes stronger and more frequent contractions than the normal hormone your body naturally releases.

Some women choose to indulge in some intimate time with their partner or even themselves to release tension, relieve pain, and some women have even said to gain back control over their body.

There are many different types of intimate/sexual stimulation during labor. The common ones that seem to work well for most are;

Clitoris stimulation

Kissing / Making out

Nipple stimulation


Some women even say that just being in the full nude with their partner does the trick! I’ve heard women say that when their labor was becoming extremely lengthy and almost too exhausting their doula or midwife told them to just go lay next to their significant other in bed and just cuddle naked. There doesn’t have to be actual sex involved, just intimacy, really.

There are so many stories online about this, if you are ever interested in reading more about it. One that was interesting to me is Angela Gallos story. Her story really shows the difference between taking control of your own body during labor & birth compared to letting a hospital take control of it all for you. After doing more research on this, I was surprised to see the reaction people have about this. There are multiple women that, without even thinking about it, ended up putting pressure on their clitoris, because it was the only thing they could do to relieve intense pressure and pain. Some of them even said that the only way they realized they were doing any kind of sexual stimulation was because their doula or midwife explained to them what was going on. Even Conservative women said they ended up having an overwhelming feeling to do some sort of sexual/intimate stimulation, whether it was clitoris stimulation, an intimate massage or even just getting completely naked.

I mentioned to my husband multiple times today that I am just in awe of what a womans body can do and DOES. Especially during labor. This is just proof that your body knows exactly what to do during birth.

The sad part is, there are so many women that are afraid of offending the people around them so they choose not to do something like this. Even if they want to.

I was talking to a friend the other day about this and she mentioned that she didn’t think she had it in her. Which is completely fine, to each their own. However, she asked me if I would do something like this next time I give birth. Let me tell you, I was quick to say yes. I told her that the benefits of having some sort of intimacy with my husband are too high compared to a medicated birth. If this is what it took to have a vbac, best believe this is what I’ll be doing. I also mentioned that LOVE is what makes a baby, and LOVE should be used to birth a baby.

I’ve also heard of people saying that this is disgusting, but honestly you have to think beyond that. Your body produces oxytocin while you are in labor, giving birth, lactating, or even having sex. Your body knows no different. And honestly, if you want to get really technical here, giving birth is a very sexual thing. Just think about that for a second.

This isn’t for everyone and that is okay too. There is no shame in doing this and there is no shame in not doing this. Like I always say, you should give birth in your own unique way!!

Happy Birthing, ya’ll!! ❤

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