1950’s Births VS. Modern Births

On Tuesday I posted on my personal blog about 1950’s mommas VS. modern mommas and I thought it would be fun to post on here about the differences in giving birth in the 1950’s vs. now!!

I like to think that all women have a right to give birth the way they would like to, and they do, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. Even in this day and age.

Me. << Prime example. 🙂

However, even as bummed as I am about my birth experience, I still really feel for most of the women that gave birth in the fifties.

Let’s start off with your birth partner, shall we? In the 1950’s your significant other was typically not allowed to be with you during your birth. This was strictly between you and your birth team. Now, I don’t know about you, but I WANT my husband with me during the birth of our child. Not only for my own selfish reasons, but also because this is his baby too! I want him to be included in the birth experience as well!

Talking about birth experiences, the 1950’s didn’t play games. Giving birth in that time wasn’t something the doctors cared for you to “experience”. During this time you were given medication to basically go to sleep or to be highly hallucinated. The idea was for you to not remember the birth of your child at all. While you were high, they would strap your arms down to the table, and then basically take over the entire birthing process for you. You had no control over your body, much less what they were doing to you during this process.

Now, this process did start to die down a little through the 1950’s once women started to speak up about their issues with it. Women started to have a harder time bonding with their babies because they had no memory of their birth. More and more people were starting to get concerned about being knocked out during the birth of their child because they were waking up with skin ripped off around their wrists and realizing the brutal situation they were just put through.

Unfortunately, even though they slowly but surely started to do away with this process, most women were still told no if they asked for a home birth. Births during this time were mainly in hospitals under strict rules.

Thankfully, things are bit different nowadays. Giving birth isn’t so brutal sounding.

We are able to give birth our way. There are hospitals, yes, but we do have the option now to give birth at home, or even at a birth center! We aren’t put to sleep and we can choose whether we want to be medicated or not!! In todays time, we have the right to speak up about how and where we want to give birth! This all started because women decided they didn’t like their birth experiences, so they said something about it! I just love that.

Times have definitely changed for the better. We can have our significant other with us through the whole birthing experience. We can birth in the comfort of our own home or at a hospital, whichever suits us best. We can choose to have an all natural birth or choose medication to help sooth the pain. We don’t have to fight doctors and we don’t have to be put in such brutal situations. WE CAN remember our birth experiences and WE CAN choose to enjoy it!

Ladies, we can and we will. 

Gotta love modern times.


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