Baby Blues

If you are not familiar with the term baby blues, it basically means that after you give birth you’ll be down for a bit. You’ll feel sad, maybe even cry some, basically just bummed for no apparent reason. There isn’t a particular reason why this happens, but people think it may be caused by all the hormone changes in your body after birth.

Before my child was born I had only heard about the baby blues once. I didn’t know much about it honestly. Till my daughter was born. I would just cry for what seemed like no reason. She wasn’t bothering me, no one was hurting my feelings. I just felt sad at random times throughout the day.

Eventually I began to realize why I felt sad… I was missing my baby.

Odd, I know! I didn’t really understand why I felt like I was missing my baby, because she was right by me every second of every day! Then I realized it was because I wasn’t pregnant anymore. My stomach felt empty, my body felt empty, and my heart felt empty. I didn’t hide any of this from my husband, I made sure he knew what I was feeling during those low times each and every day.

I didn’t know how to explain any of it, but I would just open my mouth and tell him whatever I was thinking or feeling. Sometimes he had a response to try and make me feel better and sometimes he would just hold me.

If I felt like crying then I would cry as much as I needed to. However, because I’m generally not a sad person, crying started to get annoying to me after a while. I began to figure out that during those weak moments if I picked Teagynn up and held her for as long as I wanted to, my sadness would die down for a while.

The absolute biggest thing that helped fill my heart with happiness (slowly, but surely) was having as much skin to skin time with Teagynn as possible! She didn’t breastfeed, so my way of bonding with her was sitting in her rocking chair in her room, laying her on my chest, wrap a cozy blanket around us, and rock her to sleep. I did this countless times throughout the day!

I was highly aware of my baby blues. I was also extremely open about it. I made sure I gave myself the time to cry and be sad because in those moments, I needed that, but I also constantly reminded myself that my baby is here with me. She may not be in me, but she is by my side. It took about a month before I started to feel more normal, but it took a few months before the baby blues were completely gone.

Because I was so aware of the fact that I had the baby blues, I made sure I allowed myself time to understand my feelings and why I was feeling the way I felt. From there, I did different things until I figured out what made me feel better. The thing about the baby blues is that it comes and goes through out the day. That’s why I tried different things until I found the one thing that made me feel better in the moment, which was holding my daughter, loving her, talking to her, reading to her.

It helped remind me that that things may be different now, because I’m not pregnant anymore, but it doesn’t mean she’s gone. She’s just not in my belly anymore, that’s all.

It took some time, but I had a fabulous support system, and I was aware of it and willing to take the time to push through it. ❤

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