Love After Cesarean

If there is anything harder to deal with than going through a cesarean birth, it’ll have to be the physical and emotional pain that you have to endure afterwards.

Your stomach hurts, your incision hurts, even your feelings hurt. It feels like it’s going to take an army to get you back to normal. I get it. I felt the same way, but it was during this time that I was shown the rawest kind of love there is. My husband truly showed me what it really means to love someone. You see, you can tell someone you love them all day long, but it takes a strong person to show it on a much deeper level.

That first shower after my cesarean was quite a show, let me tell you! I found myself unable to bend, which meant washing my own self was practically non-existent. My husband had to be in the shower with me to take off the bandage from my incision anyways, so he decided to wash my body for me. There is nothing like having the pride sucked right out of you. I was weak, exhausted, and so scared. My body was swollen from my toes all the way up to my breasts. But my husband sat on the floor of the hospital shower and he slowly pulled off the bandaging I was wrapped in and then he carefully washed every part of me. It felt like there was blood just falling out of me and my gosh I stunk, but he never complained! He never even made a face.

He may not have known what I was going through, but he sure did know how to make a girl feel loved! He not only helped me shower, but he was there for me through any little step I had to push through while trying to heal. I was unable to bend to pull up my own panties so every day he would help me get dressed until I was able to do it on my own. He even talked me through my first poop. Now, I know that sounds so silly, but I would be fooling you if I didn’t mention that the first poop after that surgery was the absolute worst! He literally sat outside the bathroom door in the hospital, while I sat in the bathroom with a huge pillow pushed up against my stomach, and he talked me through it! Now if that’s not love, I don’t know what is! 😉

I was very stern about when I wanted and didn’t want medication after my surgery. The nurses were giving me so much and I didn’t like it. With our daughter being in the NICU, I didn’t want to feel drugged while I was trying to keep an eye on her. So eventually I just told the nurses I would let them know when I wanted medication. When I say medication, I’m mainly talking about the pain pills. If I didn’t feel like I needed them, I wasn’t going to take them. Ethan stood by my side on this and didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to.

There was also a time when everyone just kept coming into our room. Whether it was to take more medication, to fill out paper work, or just to have a student talk to me about how I was feeling. I just had my stomach cut wide open, how do you think I feel? There was even a woman that walked in MY hospital room to talk on HER phone and she wasn’t in there to check on me. She was just trying to get to a quiet place to talk on her phone. I was just so exhausted from everything and I wanted a few hours to sleep while we had a break from our daughter, but every time we would try to sleep someone was walking in our room. So Ethan wrote a note and taped it to our door telling everyone to let his woman sleep! I would forever be grateful for that! No one even knocked on the door, not even a nurse. Everyone left us alone and I was finally able to get some sleep, all because my husband stood up for me.

That’s all the love I have for today ya’ll! If you want to read a more detailed version of this story you can look up my personal blog, Simply Chelsea Morgan!!

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