A Father and Daughters Love.

I’ve been sharing the love on my personal blog as well and I thought it would be nice to share some of the stuff I’ve been writing over there with you guys!!


If you know Ethan than you know that he has a shield wrapped very securely around his heart and it takes a very special kind of person to break it down. I’m just lucky enough to be able to watch Teagynn break it down piece by piece. ❤

Ethan has a way of blocking his feelings from the world. He’s strong in many ways and only wants you to see that side of him. His manly pride is what he thinks makes him who he is, but I believe differently. His love is the most fascinating part about him.

Teagynn tore a little piece of that shield away the day she was born and love just poured down his face. The love he has for her is like nothing I have ever seen before. The first word she ever spoke was “da-da” and another piece of that shield was broken off. His feelings came trickling down his cheeks and I was able to see the true love he had for the little bundle we made. Any little new thing she does makes him shine with joy and I can tell that he enjoys watching her grow into this smart little toddler.

I was a bit nervous about the way he would feel about being a father because I knew that he wasn’t super crazy about kids, but Teagynn did something to change that. It was like she knew the great potential this man had to be such a loving father and she just ran with it. Everything he does is for Teagynn and whether he wants people to see it or not, she breaks that shield of his down every single day.

I love being able to watch Teagynn tackle this task like it’s no big deal. She just does it so easily. He’ll tell you all day long that this isn’t the case, but she took what he thought was a dark heart and made it sparkle with pink glitter! He’ll constantly try to build it back up, but she’ll always be there with a pink hammer ready to break down the next piece.

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