A Mothers Love.

Taking another good post from my personal blog and presenting it ever so lovingly to you!

I hope you all enjoyed this month of love as much as I did!!

I never understood this kind of love until Teagynn was born. It’s a strong kind of love, one that I will forever cherish. I fell in love with this little girl, but not in a way I would fall in love with any other person. I mean, how could you look at someone and immediately be so in love with them? I’m not sure, but it happened the second I saw her.

My love for her grows stronger by the day. Each and every single day I have more and more love for her.

A mothers love is to infinity and beyond.

A mothers love means changing diapers even when you just don’t have any energy left in you.

A mothers love means you pick your child up every single time they fall and you brush off the dirt, kiss them a thousand times and then send them on their way again.

A mothers love means you show your baby just how beautiful the world can be, even when you know deep down, it can be a brutal place at times.

A mothers love means you shield your baby when necessary, but you also let them fall down at times. Even when it hurts your heart.

You see, a mothers love is more than just changing diapers, it’s far more than that. You change diapers, you stay up all night, you worry until you just can’t possibly worry anymore and then you worry some more. You cook when you don’t have the energy, you stay up making sure they are safe and sound asleep even when all you want to do is go to sleep yourself, and you get up all hours of the night to feed and change more diapers. A mothers love is doing everything in your power to make sure your child is taken care of far beyond the necessities. It means having long conversations in baby language with them rather than spending your time out and about with your girlfriends. It means doing all you can to keep your kids smiling and happy.

But then, a mothers love goes beyond even that.

I better myself every single day so that I can be a good role model for her. If she can’t look up to me, then what kind of mother would I be? A mothers love means I have to be strong for her. So that she can learn to be a strong woman one day. A mothers love means I have to be responsible so that she will learn to be a responsible woman one day.

A mothers love means putting in the hours and not regretting a single minute of it.

A mothers love means loving every single second of simply being a mother, even on the not so good days.

It’s unconditional and its a forever kind of love. ❤

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