Blogging to me is a way to let people in and that is exactly why I feel that blogging is absolutely an important part of a business, especially for birth professionals.

Blogging allows people to see a different side of the story. Think about it from the point of view of giving birth. Let’s say it was a fantastic birth. The mother has her own story about how she felt empowered and able to do something so great. However, the midwife and doula are going to have their own story. In their minds it could have been chaotic while they were trying to do everything in their power to make sure the birth experience was safe, yet relaxing and memorable for the woman giving birth.

I feel like that is a side of the story that also needs to be heard.

With that being said, having a blog and telling your side of the story will allow others to feel like they are already connected with you before they have met you. They will feel that you are a trustworthy person, which is the idea when someone is needing your services.

Exactly what does blogging do for your business?

Potential Clients;

  • Will be able to get to know you more on a personal level, which will help them build trust with your business.
  • Will more than likely choose your business over others because you are willing to share your stories & tips.
  • Will feel secure in choosing your business because they will know first hand how things are done and how passionate you are about your job.

Your Business;

  • Now has the potential to grow in clients.
  • Your name and/or business name will be heard of further than just the community you’re in.
  • You can connect with your clients more, which will keep them coming back for more services from you.

Blogging isn’t just about words on a page, it’s getting people involved in your journey. It’s sharing tips and tricks. It’s allowing people to get answers faster and also helping them stay connected with you.

I know that blogging takes time out of an already busy schedule. I know that it takes effort, sometimes too much effort when the day is long. That’s where I come in though! I pick up the pieces and write about your amazing stories; giving you more time to focus on the clients you already have!

Happy Blogging, y’all! ❤

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