Encouraging Other Mommas.

My little family and I went on a big trip to Colorado this past weekend. I was very nervous about how Teagynn would react to it all, as you can imagine. We made it back all in one piece though.

The trip was pretty stressful and you can read about it on my personal blog;

(It’ll help you understand this particular post much better)


With that being said, I was left feeling like motherhood just slapped me in the freaking face! I mean, for the most part I thought I had motherhood down to the T! I was so sadly mistaken after I realized my child could literally bring me to tears with her attitude.

I came home feeling so defeated yet so relieved because now that we are home, my child wouldn’t be a “burden” for other people.

Then last night I came across a video and my entire thought process changed. I realized that what happened on my trip was NOT okay. At least it was not okay with me!

In the video the woman was talking about how she was in a store and she noticed another mom trying her best to calm her child down from the fit they were in. After a while the mom started to look around to see if anyone else was noticing what was going on and another mom gave her a dirty look as if the upset child was such a burden on everyone else in the store. The woman in the video mentioned that all the mom needed was a little help or reassurance that this will blow over and everything will be okay, but the mom didn’t get it. The woman talking in the video went on to say that WE ARE WOMEN, WE ARE MOTHERS, and we should ALL STICK TOGETHER! Which means we should all be there for each other ESPECIALLY in times like this.

Which is so SO so true!

I’m NOT alone and I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m alone in this motherhood journey.

So I wanted to give a little bit of advice. Just something to think about, really.

At the end of the day I couldn’t have been more physically prepared for this trip. I packed anything and everything I could think of to make it go as smoothly as possible. I even cooked an entire day before our trip just to make sure we had good home cooked meals while we were there. I literally did everything I could to make sure my child felt at home, while we were 13 hours away from home.

But it wasn’t what I didn’t pack that got me in the end, it was the fact that my child wanted to be at home, so she fought me the entire time we were there and I just felt alone.

So I came up with a list of things for you to think about.

I want you to think about another Momma for once, instead of yourself.

Completely forget about your needs, your wants, or even your desires.

  • When you are out and about and you see a mom is at her wits end with her child. She might even look like she could burst into tears at any minute. The least you can do is give her an understanding look. DO NOT give her a dirty look. Just because her child is upset and throwing a fit, that DOES NOT mean she is a bad mom. It simply just means that her child is so upset, for whatever reason, and she just can’t calm them down.
  • If you have a moment give this mom some encouragement. Go over there and let her know she is doing a damn good job! Because she IS! I can promise you that your reassurance is going to boost her confidence and help her get through that low moment in her day.
  • If you aren’t in a rush, ask her if you can do anything for her. Help her get through her grocery trip; play with her baby while walking with her so that she can get what she needs. Do whatever it takes to get her child back to a better mood so that Mom can catch a breath. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes out of your day to make another moms entire day better. It truly does.

One last thing I want to mention is, you know that you go through these situations yourself with your child. Trust me, your child is not the most perfect baby out there, so don’t even try to pretend like they are. Every child has their moment and every momma has their moment of weakness. So why not encourage and HELP the mommas that are in these kind of situations? I mean, we all go through it. Giving a dirty look or even ignoring them all together is going to make them feel worse and you know it, because you have been through it too. YOU are not alone in motherhood, so do your best to make sure another momma doesn’t feel alone in these situations too.

Happy Mothering ❤

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