Baby items.

Lately I have been embarking into the world of minimalism. So much so that last Christmas I asked for experiences rather than things. 

Who am I kidding? I jumped into the minimalism wagon not long after Teagynn was born!

It has been a long, LONG time coming. Slowly, but surely I have been cleaning out our house and getting rid of so many things that we just don’t need.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend that is pregnant and she briefly mentioned that she was nervous about all the big ticket items that you have to buy for your baby.

You know, the big fancy stroller, the $400 car seat, and thousands of house hold baby items like, the bumbo, a high chair, the swing, the walker, AND the jumper!

It got me thinking, do you really need all these items?

Is your baby really going to suffer without it; much less, remember it?

More than likely the answer is no.

When I had Teagynn, I thought she needed everything. I literally mean everything. However, the majority of the stuff that we had, we barely used. The walker helped a bit, but for the most part it was a safety hazard. She was “walking” before we were even able to fully baby proof the house, which meant she was able to walk over to things that could have potentially hurt her. It stalled her from actually walking, because she relied on the walker so much. There even came a point where she would pick up the walker (while she was in it) and hold it up while she was walking!

The jumper was nice for a little bit, but then she began to dislike it and I’m only assuming she didn’t like it because she thought she was in trouble when we put her in it. She wasn’t at all, but for some reason the jumper was a very negative thing to her, she would rarely go near it.

The bumbo chair; let me just say, we would have been better off with getting a high chair from the very beginning.

The swing was an absolute life saver though!

Out of all these big ticket items, we would have been just fine and very content with a high chair and the swing.

As far as sleeping goes; this is all preference. You have the bassinet, the play pin, AND the crib. More than likely the baby wont go in the crib till about 6 months old so buying one before the baby is born is not an absolute necessity. I like my baby being in the bassinet, but the bassinet was only used for about 3 or 4 months before I had to move her up to the play pin where it was safer for her age to sleep in. Heck, if I’m being absolutely honest with you, most nights we would move the swing into our bedroom and she would fall asleep in the swing. It didn’t even have to be moving, she just liked the swing. I also enjoyed her sleeping in the swing while I slept, because she wouldn’t be able to wiggle herself into a position that I was uncomfortable with her sleeping in. For example; she loved sleeping on her side with her face pressed up against the side of the bassinet. She has done this ever since she was a tiny-tiny little thing. When she was in the swing, she would arch her head in a way where the sides of the swing would touch her cheek and then she would fall right to sleep, yet she still could breathe. SO I COULD SLEEP peacefully as well. We didn’t actually use her crib until she was 6 months old and I was ready to let her sleep in her own room. Well, we did use her crib, but it was a place where we would put all her clean clothes when we didn’t feel like folding them!

So honestly, we could have gotten away with just using her play pin and her swing if we really needed to. But again, this is a preference thing between you and your baby. I love our bassinet and didn’t mind that we were only able to use it for 4 months. It was a gift from my baby shower. If I’m being honest with you, it is the only baby thing I have saved from Teagynn to use for our future babies. I have no idea why I have attached myself to that bassinet, but something about it holds so much meaning to me. It’s old and was even second hand when it was given to us, but I don’t care. Teagynn absolutely adored that thing and so did I! Again, it is all about your preference, but there is no need to worry about big ticket items, because babies honestly don’t need much at all.

There were a lot of things that Ethan and I borrowed from my older sister so that we didn’t have to buy them AND so that we didn’t have to ask family to buy something so expensive. Luckily, she had save some keepsake expensive items from when her kids were little and she let me borrow them for the few months we needed them. This allowed us to figure out if we were actually going to use something and not have to spend so much money on it. For example, we used the boppy pillow a whole bunch for months and months, but we didn’t use the baby carrier hardly at all. I thought it would be the other way around. So don’t be afraid to borrow baby items from other moms that aren’t needing them at the time.

Just make sure you wash the items and actually give them back when you no longer need them.

Second hand stores are the absolute bomb! Am I right or am I right?

The majority of things that Teagynn had while she was little were second hand. You wouldn’t believe how often people were willing to give us baby items, simply because they no longer needed them. My best friend had a family member at the time that gave us baby clothes that set Teagynn up with a closet full of clothes for an ENTIRE TWELVE MONTHS! We also had family members that would bring us clothes from the second hand mommy shops around town. I’m talking GOOD/CUTE clothes!

The only piece of furniture in Teagynns room that isn’t second hand is her crib. I’m talking JUST her crib. The mattress is also second hand. Now, it was a brand new mattress that my aunt bought and was only used a few times at her house before it was no longer needed, but still, second hand to us. Her room turned out so cute and everything still felt so new, because it was new to us.

The majority of Teagynns decor in her room is from my old room before I met Ethan. It was girly, it was fun, and it was also the exact colors I wanted in Teagynns room. I’m talking all the way down to the curtains. We used what we had and I wasn’t afraid to hang older items up in her room, because it just worked.

She of course had new things, but we did what we could with what we had and everything turned out just fine. So don’t sweat the big baby items. There is always ways around it all and your baby is going to be content with whatever they have! ❤

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