The Founder

Chelsea Henderson is a blogger and content writer with an intense desire in working with birth professionals to help them empower women. Chelsea believes women should be given the opportunity to have the birth experience they want and she wants to show women that their choice matters. She is most knowledgeable in and prefers to write about pregnancy, giving birth, and parenting topics. 

How it all began

After Chelsea went through a harsh birthing experience herself, she knew that this was not the only way women could give birth. She decided it was time to help women feel secure and confident in how they want to give birth. After writing on her personal blog about it for a while, she wanted to do more, and that’s when she came up with Pretty Momma Writing. This company was started with the idea that, just like Chelsea, not all women are confident and know what to expect during pregnancy, giving birth, or even parenting, so she found a way to be able to help other women feel good about their decisions, especially during the birth of their precious baby.