I was watching a show recently and in one of the scenes there was a woman who gave birth in her living room by complete accident. She was just assuming that the contractions she was having was nothing more than Braxton Hicks. It brought back some memories of mine. When I went into labor, I had just assumed that the contractions I was having was just Braxton Hicks. Intense ones, but Braxton Hicks none the less. My belly tensed up the same way and the contractions at first were painful but not unbearable. It just got me thinking, birth can happen anywhere at any time. I mean, obviously, but seriously, you put so much effort into coming up with a plan.

Who will be there, where will it be, what position will you be in, the details are so thought through that some women even plan what they’ll be wearing. Don’t get me wrong, details are important and plans are even more important! However, I just think that birth has a funny way of doing things on it’s own terms.

I just want to give out a little bit of encouragement this morning.

Make that birth plan of yours and detail the crap out of it, but when it comes time to give birth, make sure the first thing you do is listen to your body. Don’t be like me and just assume it’s Braxton Hicks. Get EXCITED! Turn on the music you have been wanting to play in the background of your birth, light those candles, get into a warm bath… whatever it may be, but let your body do the rest. I promise you, the position you are in when it comes time to push that baby out, whether its floating in a bath, squatting, or just standing straight up in your living room, that baby will come out either way.

Happy Birthing, loves! ❤