Encouraging Other Mommas.

My little family and I went on a big trip to Colorado this past weekend. I was very nervous about how Teagynn would react to it all, as you can imagine. We made it back all in one piece though. The trip was pretty stressful and you can read about it on my personal blog;… Continue reading Encouraging Other Mommas.


Blogging to me is a way to let people in and that is exactly why I feel that blogging is absolutely an important part of a business, especially for birth professionals. Blogging allows people to see a different side of the story. Think about it from the point of view of giving birth. Let's say… Continue reading Blogging.

A Mothers Love.

Taking another good post from my personal blog and presenting it ever so lovingly to you! I hope you all enjoyed this month of love as much as I did!! I never understood this kind of love until Teagynn was born. It's a strong kind of love, one that I will forever cherish. I fell… Continue reading A Mothers Love.

A Father and Daughters Love.

I've been sharing the love on my personal blog as well and I thought it would be nice to share some of the stuff I've been writing over there with you guys!! http://www.simplychelseamorgan.wordpress.com If you know Ethan than you know that he has a shield wrapped very securely around his heart and it takes a… Continue reading A Father and Daughters Love.

Love After Cesarean

If there is anything harder to deal with than going through a cesarean birth, it'll have to be the physical and emotional pain that you have to endure afterwards. Your stomach hurts, your incision hurts, even your feelings hurt. It feels like it's going to take an army to get you back to normal. I get it. I felt the… Continue reading Love After Cesarean

Love during labor & birth

I mentioned on Instagram and Facebook that in honor of my one year marriage anniversary coming up, we will be talking ALL about love this month! So let's get this started!! I didn't really know what to expect when I went into labor for the first time. I didn't really know how I was supposed… Continue reading Love during labor & birth

Baby Blues

If you are not familiar with the term baby blues, it basically means that after you give birth you'll be down for a bit. You'll feel sad, maybe even cry some, basically just bummed for no apparent reason. There isn't a particular reason why this happens, but people think it may be caused by all the hormone… Continue reading Baby Blues